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There have been heated arguments and debates regarding whether technology is a boon or a curse to mankind. Well, time has proved to be the decisive factor in proving the logic true or false. The world, today, has become a busy marketplace. As the poet rightly said, “What’s this life full of care; We have no time to stand and stare?” This actually holds true in the case of people surviving in the modern world. In such a condition, where is the time for them to go to a cinema and catch up with the latest movie? When, at a time, people are more engrossed into their laptop screens, do movies mean anything to them?


Yes, they do. With the World Wide Web, people are no longer starved from checking out the latest released movies in the cinema. The mouse at hand and the computer screens in front, movies are no longer away in cinema halls. Busy people can find movies online as well. A number of websites offer movies to be watched on the Internet. However, it is of utmost importance that people check out the authenticity of the website. This is because, there are a number of websites, which are fake and people can allow viruses into their computers / laptops. A few of the most reputed websites offer downloadable versions of the movies for viewing later.

In few of the cases, movies could be watched online, but at the time of downloading, the website seeks the viewers to have an account number. These are the websites, which offer movies to be downloaded, with a price. It depends upon the viewer to choose his type.

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Top TV Streaming Websites

There are times, when a person feels depressed for missing out on the favorite films or serials that have been aired on TV. If this was the case around a century ago, then, there was no other way that, that particular episode of the TV serial could be retrieved. However, today, with the rapid advancement of technology and the coming of the Internet, these particular issues can be solved with the bat of an eyelid. These days, with or without the support of television, television shows are making their way to the Internet. It is good to know that there are a number of streaming websites on the Internet, which are allowing people to get a taste of their favorite shows on the Internet.


The first streaming website, which could be quoted, is that of Hulu. This website streams high resolution, ad-supported videos of both movies and television shows. The content which are distributed by this particular website is mostly US based. Therefore, it is a complain from the majority of viewers that they are unable to see it from other parts of the planet. The next website id that of SurfTheChannel. This brings together videos from all over the Internet and makes them available through a simple searchable interface. The website has a huge collection of videos. The third is SideReel. Which is somewhat similar to SurfTheChannel. However this is a very attractive website and only tech savvy people can navigate it at the first go. The next and perhaps the best is BBC iPlayer.

The next time, one looks for streaming videos, these must be considered to get the best and the most reliable results.

Top rated movie of the year

Movies form the staple of the entertainment industry. There have been movies right from the 16th century. Of course, in those days, they were nothing close to what people see today. Movies could be compared to sedatives that put people into a sleep, with different moving images in front of them. Everyone loves to remain entertained, after a whole day’s toil. It is this time that they love to come out of the reality and seek pleasure in a dream world. Movies revitalize them, energizing them to get back to the next day’s work. However, there are also flicks which are aimed at bringing about a change n the society.

When it is concerned to rate the top movie of 2011, it actually stands out to be a difficult task. His is because every movie is special in its own unique way. These could range from the story of the movie, its dialogues, the screenplay, the background score, or even the amount of money it has grossed, depending upon audience feedback. It is said that history repeats itself. If that is so, then what is wrong with movies? Older movies come back with newer versions, or sequels, which are much better than the first. People might love to look out for new stuffs in movies, but they can bet that there can be nothing as compared to classics, that pass the test of time.


Depending upon a number of parameters, movies are selected to be the top rated one of a certain year. However, instead of a handful people looking into the movies and marking them off as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the voting right could be given to public.

Tech entertainment solutions on a budget

Entertainment can be expensive. Going to the movies, keeping up with new video games that come out in numbers every month, and picking through more Blu-ray and DVD releases that could burn a hole our pocket . But there are ways how we can spend little and yet be entertained, and technology provides us with that . Shopping cheap for video games is easier than ever , thanks to the Internet. is one such place which has always been a great to price check the video games in our purchase list. Sometimes we can find the game cheaper especially with free shipping from Amazon. sometimes offers bundles of games that other retailers aren’t apt to do. is also a great DVD and Blu-ray spot , especially with Amazon’s perpetual sales and bundle deals.


Deep Discount sells a whole lot more than DVDs and Blu-rays, and it has some of the best prices around for the original product that made it big.

eBay, the online auction house of yore, is a great venue for previously owned or new-in-package DVDs and Blu-rays.

Steam is the best online one stop shop for most PC games . Over the past few years, Steam has risen to take the mantle of digital distributor for all sorts of games from tons of publishers.

Thеrе аrе tons of other deals out thеrе. Though video games and movies are expensive sometimes, bυt it doesn’t mean we hаνе tο descend οn paying retail . Trust іn the Internet can be cost-effective , save υs some cash as well as suit individual custom needs .

Mintpad Dual Display Mintpass Dual Screen Tablet Laptop 2011

Mintpass is a Korean company famous for its tablet Mintpad and other products such as the cube MP3 player and a flashlight in the shape of a chopstick. The company is again in new when it announced the ambitious new project of presenting the world with dual touch screen and dual OS tablets. The tablet will be running on the two operating systems Android and Windows 7. This would allow the user to access all the features of Windows and its apps and at the same time help to conserve battery with the help of Android. It is anticipated that Mintpass would use ARM based core for the Android operating system whereas x86 family chip for the Windows version.


The company claims that the tablet can be folded and thus the two touch screens can be used for different purposes. For example one can watch movies in one of the screens while browsing through the internet in the other screen. Mintpass expects to get certification from Google so that it can include the Android market and other features in the Mintpad tablet. The Mintpad has created waves already is the most waited for device but things have been kept in suspense. The suspense is generated from the fact that there are no specifications of the tablet available, not the price or any photos revealing what the device would look like. There are also no news regarding any possible dates of release of the same and thus things can only be stipulated and expected. It is thus assumed that the tablet would look somewhat like the Toshiba’s tablet Libretto W100 but then no is sure about that also.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD review (7-inch)

The new Kindle Fire has a user interface that has been removed to quite an extent. The hardware has been improved and much more elegant and en enhancement to the core functions will make watching movies and reading books an even more enjoyable experience. As compared to the predecessor, it is 1 mm slimmer and around 18 gms lighter.

The new display of the Fire is a 1280 x 800 IPS panel having a pixel density of 216 ppi which is very crisp and it has a much better contrast as compared to a lot of other tablets in the market. The new tablet runs on Android 4.0 as against the older 2.3 version.


The bookshelf has been removed from the interface by Amazon and they have replaced it with a favorites drawer. The browser has seen a considerable improvement but it is still one of the weakest links in the Kindle series and Amazon still has to work on this front. The email app is snappy much in coherence with the rest of the system. The newly added X-Ray feature of the Kindle Fire is simply amazing as it lets index like listing of all the information that you have on your system. The new features that have been added by Amazon in the e-book reading experience are also equally top-notch and so is the Audio Whispersync feature. As regards the audio of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD , it is much better as compared to majority tablets in the market and makes it a good buy for what it comes for.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD has a better OS , better reading experience and is much more snappy and responsive as compared to its predecessor.

Laugh along with Horrible Bosses

Apart from doing up the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, people also need few other things too, for maintaining a healthy life. Any form of recreation is always welcome to spice up the life of people. What could be the best form of entertainment other than movies? Well, these motion pictures have caught the fantasy of people right from the beginning of time, when they were introduced. With different genres around, comedy seems to be the most popular. However, if people love to indulge themselves in comedy flicks, for them ‘The Horrible Bosses’ is a must see movie.

For Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), Nick (Jason Bateman) and Dale (Charlie Day), the single thing that can make the daily toil more tolerable would be to get the better of their intolerable bosses, enacted by Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston. They however realize that quitting their respective jobs is not at all a solution. So, they come up with an altogether different plan. With the advantage of a little too many drinks, aide by some doubtful advice from an ex-con (played by Jamie Foxx), these three friends chalk out a complicated plan which seems to be perfect, for getting themselves rid of their respective bosses. Then again there is one problem; even the best of plans turn out to be as perfect as the brains behind them.


They say that a good laugh is the cure for all diseases. This movie is sure to have the audience in splits. With children at home, it is a must that they go and catch up with this movie. They are sure to come home refreshed and rejuvenated.

Free Videos With YouTube

YouTube is one place in the Internet, where a person gets through with videos of every kind and type. There are times when visiting a particular website can cost some money. However, this is not the case with YouTube. This is one of the many websites that provides free access to all its viewers. At times, there are situations which prevent us from viewing our favorite movie or television shows. It can cause a little depression in many. Just in order to look after this, the Internet has been a boon to people by providing them with this wonderful website. Videos ranging from television shows to movies – all have their places on YouTube. The videos are streamed from the television and uploaded here, so that people can take a look in their leisure.

The provision to watch free videos with YouTube has made the website more popular than any other of the like. There are a number of websites where the user is required to log in, so as to view the videos uploaded there. In case of YouTube, this is certainly not the policy. But, if a person wishes to post a comment or ‘Like’ or ‘Unlike’ a video, s/he has to sign in with a valid email id. Other than this there is no other formality. Registering with YouTube does not require any monetary transaction. The next interesting thing about YouTube is that, videos can be uploaded here without any cost. The entire process is free of charge.


YouTube has made this possible, only with the immense help from the World Wide Web. Without it, viewing videos, free of charge would never have been this easy.

About Filmeboo

Filmeboo lets you know all about the HD technology. If you wish to know about the DIVX players, HD players, high resolution television or high resolution movies, Filmeboo lets you know about all. You can know about all the details and information regarding HD technology with assistance from Filmeboo.

In the industry where everyday you get a new replacement for the older things, it is very essential that you keep yourself abreast with these technological changes. Walking with the technological advancement is good for you and with Filmeboo, you can know about these details. Getting every crux of the matter can help you in making the right decision while making purchases.

Television industry has brought a revolution with the HD LCDs and LEDs and every person is laying hands on this latest technology. But it always works well if there is a review about the product you are planning to buy. Reviews can help you in getting the right product and with the proper recommendations of Filmeboo; you can get the good product.

Apart from knowing about the latest HD technology, Filmeboo also lets you know about the latest movie reviews and HD movies. Watching movie is something that most of the people enjoy and with the help of correct reviews about these movies, you can enjoy the movie even more.

Filmeboo is one stop for all those who feel tempted and allured with the whole concept of HD. Whether it is HD movie, HD trailers, HD technology or anything else, Filmeboo lets you know all in simple and easy way so that you can decide what is good for you!


Step By Step Guides To Purchasing A Good Plasma HDTV

Are you planning for a good Plasma HDTV lately? Well, Plasma TVs are characterized by superior, color, contrast & refresh rate in comparison to their LCD counterparts and these days the Plasma TVs are even available in affordable rates. Here is a guide on how to buy a good Plasma HDTV.


Before proceeding with the guide- it’s needless to mention that you have to settle with a reputed brand only. Conduct a market survey on 3-4 top rated brands and check out which one is providing maximum performance lately.

Consider The Room Size

Before you go out to buy the Plasma HDTV, make sure to have a look at your room size. The TV you are buying mustn’t be too small or too big for the room. If it’s to small not everybody in the room would be able to enjoy watching and if it’s too big you might get flaws in the picture quality. You can ask the sales official from the TV store regarding the compatible TV size according to your room & seating arrangements.

Check Out The Resolution

The resolution quotient of your TV will determine the image quality produced by the device. The most compatible resolutions are 720 progressive or 1080 interlaced. It’s best if you can go for 1080i but never take a model below 720p resolution.

Don’t Go For HDTV- Ready Models

The HDTV models require a tuner to offer the desired high-definition picture quality. Some of the HDTVs come up with already in-built tuners while some do not include the in-built tuner. The latter option is called HDTV ready which is a hassle post purchase given that here you have to contact your cable man to supply with high-definition box.

Sufficient HDMI Connectors

Check out beforehand that your Plasma HDTV is equipped with sufficient HDMI connectors. Any ideal Plasma HDTV should have minimum 3-4 connectors so that you can easily connect your set-top box, gaming console, network device and Blu-ray player with it.

Try Every Picture Mode

It’s advised that you check up every picture mode of the TV like sports, movies etc. before buying. Make sure that the TV can present quality pictures in every mode.