Mintpad Dual Display Mintpass Dual Screen Tablet Laptop 2011

Mintpass is a Korean company famous for its tablet Mintpad and other products such as the cube MP3 player and a flashlight in the shape of a chopstick. The company is again in new when it announced the ambitious new project of presenting the world with dual touch screen and dual OS tablets. The tablet will be running on the two operating systems Android and Windows 7. This would allow the user to access all the features of Windows and its apps and at the same time help to conserve battery with the help of Android. It is anticipated that Mintpass would use ARM based core for the Android operating system whereas x86 family chip for the Windows version.


The company claims that the tablet can be folded and thus the two touch screens can be used for different purposes. For example one can watch movies in one of the screens while browsing through the internet in the other screen. Mintpass expects to get certification from Google so that it can include the Android market and other features in the Mintpad tablet. The Mintpad has created waves already is the most waited for device but things have been kept in suspense. The suspense is generated from the fact that there are no specifications of the tablet available, not the price or any photos revealing what the device would look like. There are also no news regarding any possible dates of release of the same and thus things can only be stipulated and expected. It is thus assumed that the tablet would look somewhat like the Toshiba’s tablet Libretto W100 but then no is sure about that also.