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There have been heated arguments and debates regarding whether technology is a boon or a curse to mankind. Well, time has proved to be the decisive factor in proving the logic true or false. The world, today, has become a busy marketplace. As the poet rightly said, “What’s this life full of care; We have no time to stand and stare?” This actually holds true in the case of people surviving in the modern world. In such a condition, where is the time for them to go to a cinema and catch up with the latest movie? When, at a time, people are more engrossed into their laptop screens, do movies mean anything to them?


Yes, they do. With the World Wide Web, people are no longer starved from checking out the latest released movies in the cinema. The mouse at hand and the computer screens in front, movies are no longer away in cinema halls. Busy people can find movies online as well. A number of websites offer movies to be watched on the Internet. However, it is of utmost importance that people check out the authenticity of the website. This is because, there are a number of websites, which are fake and people can allow viruses into their computers / laptops. A few of the most reputed websites offer downloadable versions of the movies for viewing later.

In few of the cases, movies could be watched online, but at the time of downloading, the website seeks the viewers to have an account number. These are the websites, which offer movies to be downloaded, with a price. It depends upon the viewer to choose his type.

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Top rated movie of the year

Movies form the staple of the entertainment industry. There have been movies right from the 16th century. Of course, in those days, they were nothing close to what people see today. Movies could be compared to sedatives that put people into a sleep, with different moving images in front of them. Everyone loves to remain entertained, after a whole day’s toil. It is this time that they love to come out of the reality and seek pleasure in a dream world. Movies revitalize them, energizing them to get back to the next day’s work. However, there are also flicks which are aimed at bringing about a change n the society.

When it is concerned to rate the top movie of 2011, it actually stands out to be a difficult task. His is because every movie is special in its own unique way. These could range from the story of the movie, its dialogues, the screenplay, the background score, or even the amount of money it has grossed, depending upon audience feedback. It is said that history repeats itself. If that is so, then what is wrong with movies? Older movies come back with newer versions, or sequels, which are much better than the first. People might love to look out for new stuffs in movies, but they can bet that there can be nothing as compared to classics, that pass the test of time.


Depending upon a number of parameters, movies are selected to be the top rated one of a certain year. However, instead of a handful people looking into the movies and marking them off as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the voting right could be given to public.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD review (7-inch)

The new Kindle Fire has a user interface that has been removed to quite an extent. The hardware has been improved and much more elegant and en enhancement to the core functions will make watching movies and reading books an even more enjoyable experience. As compared to the predecessor, it is 1 mm slimmer and around 18 gms lighter.

The new display of the Fire is a 1280 x 800 IPS panel having a pixel density of 216 ppi which is very crisp and it has a much better contrast as compared to a lot of other tablets in the market. The new tablet runs on Android 4.0 as against the older 2.3 version.


The bookshelf has been removed from the interface by Amazon and they have replaced it with a favorites drawer. The browser has seen a considerable improvement but it is still one of the weakest links in the Kindle series and Amazon still has to work on this front. The email app is snappy much in coherence with the rest of the system. The newly added X-Ray feature of the Kindle Fire is simply amazing as it lets index like listing of all the information that you have on your system. The new features that have been added by Amazon in the e-book reading experience are also equally top-notch and so is the Audio Whispersync feature. As regards the audio of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD , it is much better as compared to majority tablets in the market and makes it a good buy for what it comes for.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD has a better OS , better reading experience and is much more snappy and responsive as compared to its predecessor.