Amazon Kindle Fire HD review (7-inch)

The new Kindle Fire has a user interface that has been removed to quite an extent. The hardware has been improved and much more elegant and en enhancement to the core functions will make watching movies and reading books an even more enjoyable experience. As compared to the predecessor, it is 1 mm slimmer and around 18 gms lighter.

The new display of the Fire is a 1280 x 800 IPS panel having a pixel density of 216 ppi which is very crisp and it has a much better contrast as compared to a lot of other tablets in the market. The new tablet runs on Android 4.0 as against the older 2.3 version.


The bookshelf has been removed from the interface by Amazon and they have replaced it with a favorites drawer. The browser has seen a considerable improvement but it is still one of the weakest links in the Kindle series and Amazon still has to work on this front. The email app is snappy much in coherence with the rest of the system. The newly added X-Ray feature of the Kindle Fire is simply amazing as it lets index like listing of all the information that you have on your system. The new features that have been added by Amazon in the e-book reading experience are also equally top-notch and so is the Audio Whispersync feature. As regards the audio of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD , it is much better as compared to majority tablets in the market and makes it a good buy for what it comes for.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD has a better OS , better reading experience and is much more snappy and responsive as compared to its predecessor.