Laugh along with Horrible Bosses

Apart from doing up the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, people also need few other things too, for maintaining a healthy life. Any form of recreation is always welcome to spice up the life of people. What could be the best form of entertainment other than movies? Well, these motion pictures have caught the fantasy of people right from the beginning of time, when they were introduced. With different genres around, comedy seems to be the most popular. However, if people love to indulge themselves in comedy flicks, for them ‘The Horrible Bosses’ is a must see movie.

For Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), Nick (Jason Bateman) and Dale (Charlie Day), the single thing that can make the daily toil more tolerable would be to get the better of their intolerable bosses, enacted by Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston. They however realize that quitting their respective jobs is not at all a solution. So, they come up with an altogether different plan. With the advantage of a little too many drinks, aide by some doubtful advice from an ex-con (played by Jamie Foxx), these three friends chalk out a complicated plan which seems to be perfect, for getting themselves rid of their respective bosses. Then again there is one problem; even the best of plans turn out to be as perfect as the brains behind them.


They say that a good laugh is the cure for all diseases. This movie is sure to have the audience in splits. With children at home, it is a must that they go and catch up with this movie. They are sure to come home refreshed and rejuvenated.