LG 42PW350 HDTV Review

LG 42PW350 HDTV is one of the latest products from the leading electronics brand. It promises a wonderful 3D HDTV experience sans a hefty price tag. The viewers are promised of realistic and lively on-screen actions with this plasma TV and the 720p resolution quality enables the model to produce amazing picture quality. Here goes a brief review on the LG 42PW350 HDTV.


Great contrast ratio

It’s to mention that the LG 42PW350 HDTV has been designed to offer an amazingly high contrast ratio which is 10,000,000:1 and is engineered to deliver fantastic vibrant colors & darker & deeper blacks.

Eco friendly model

The LG 42PW350 HDTV is an Energy-Star qualifier and hence promises of an eco friendly aspect where you would have a state of the art entertainment without putting pressure on energy.

In-built screen calibration

The latest eco friendly Plasma HDTV model from LG is backed by an in-built screen calibration feature. This helps the users to dial in the key settings such as sharpness, color, black level that in turn can optimize the TV picture as per the room décor and tastes. Besides as the TV is able to adjust the picture brightness automatically according to room’s light levels, the picture would appear consistently detailed & vivid.

No motion blur

The 600 Hertz Sub-Field Driving feature in the TV eliminates any chance of motion blur. Moreover, the LG 42PW350 HDTV comes with TruSlim Frame that will trim away the distractions of wide frames. The sleek frame also brings in super chic outlook for the TV assuring a stylish asset matching up with your trendy room décor.

Major specifications of LG 42PW350 HDTV at a glance:

  • Product Dimensions: 39” width x 24-1/8” height x 2-5/8” depth
  • Product weight: 47.3 pounds
  • 6” screen size
  • Super gloss dark black finish
  • Tuner for receiving the over air HDTV broadcasting
  • 2D to 3D conversion facility brings 3D like effect for non-3D video
  • In-built stereo speakers
  • 1024 by 768 pixels
  • Picture-setting memory feature for every video output
  • Six A/V inputs
  • USB port
  • 2 years of panel warranty and 1 year warranty on labor & parts

Why Is The LG MT93: 27-inch, IPS, 3D, Full HD Smart TV Rated Best For Gaming

Are you looking for a relishing gaming experience through TV? You can go for the latest LG MT93 model here as the 27” TV with IPS 3D & Full Smart HDTV technology has been rated as the best for gaming enthusiasts. The post below discusses why the recent LG model is optimum for gaming followed by a brief on its several major aspects.

The good news is that the LG MT93has been designed to support wireless sharing like WiDi and Miracast that enables you to play the desired games from internet easily. This wireless support capacity is a special aspect of the small LG model as you will hardly find small TVs compatible with wireless sharing. The TV comes with a MHL capacity (Mobile High-Definition Link) through which the users would be able to play their favorite games while charging the mobile devices simultaneously. The MT93 offers accession to a wide array of online contents, VoD, apps and broadcasts from local and global providers. It would be easy for the users to search & select from the extensive content collection of LG on Smart-Home interface via Premium-Content menu. The categorized section provides users to enjoy the vast gaming collection found in LG’s Game World and relish a 3D display.


LG has specifically designed its new 27” MT93 Smart TV for students & singles who desire a large viewing experience sans big footprint. The stunning Smart TV has earned great reviews for its clear IPS display and elegantly sleek bezel design which will sit well with any trendy décor with the dual facility of PC monitor.

The new TV comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD and its IPS display aspect offers the users with an unrivalled picture quality. The TV produces realistic pictures from any angle almost much to the pleasure of its viewers. The new LG Smart TV model is delivered with next-gen Magic Remote that uses gesture, voice recognition, scroll & click controls for delivering a natural & smooth way of operating the TV. It also has a PIP capacity that permits users to cherish 2 different shows simultaneously or continue internet activity and TV watching at once.

The 5 Best HDTVs Review

Are you planning to buy a HDTV recently? That’s great given that HDTV models offer with cutting edge bright picture quality that makes watching all the more fun and lively. There are various top notch electronic brands offering for HDTV models these days- but if you are confuse which one to go for follow the brief below as it’s a gist on top 5 HDTV models in the present market.


Panasonic TC-PST60

The Panasonic HDTV model is a common winner when it comes to best HDTVs around. The model has been designed with fantastic picture quality and exceedingly grave black levels with awesome shadow detail. You are promised of accurate colors, superb off-angle, great bright-room performance and 3D capacity. Moreover you get a sleek stylish model with smart metal accent and all that at really mid range price.


Samsung E6500 HDTV plasma

This plasma HDTV model from Samsung has earned great points for its fabulous picture quality, classy looks & great pricing. The 51” stylish model offers really amazing black levels which is much better in comparison to many of its counterparts. The TV model would be compatible with almost any living room décor and is equipped with a truly usable apps suite. Its Smart TV-interface is user friendly.

Sony KDL-HX850

The Sony product looks amazingly smart with sparkling picture benefits which in fact has made it a top choice for the plasma-phobic videophiles. The LCD promises pretty deep blacks & great shadow details. You will get a good viewing angle & uniformity. The Gorilla Glass addition on front makes it tough & elegant at the same time.

Vizio E320i-A0 

This is a superb LED-based LCD model that brings in Smart TV & solid picture aspects in the price range of regular small TVs. You will get satisfying black levels & good color as well. The thin bezel frame gets it a smarter sleeker look in comparison to its counterparts.

Sharp LE650 

The Sharp model has achieved rave reviews given its better picture quality in comparison to regular LCD TVs. You will get considerable dark black levels and detailed shadows as well as accurate colors & stable image in bright room.


What Makes The Samsung PN51E490B4F HDTV Picture So Solid

Plasma HDTVs are generally costly that refrains average people from investing on them in spite of its many superior features over LCD TVs. Are you too interested in a good Plasma HDTV but worried about your tight budget? Well, nothing to worry now as the oriental electronic giant Samsung has come up with its PN51E490B4F model that promises amazing watching experience with no hole in your pocket. The latest Samsung PN51E490B4F comes at even less than 700 USD and the most striking part of it is its solid picture. The HDTV experts around are really amazed by the stunning picture quality of the TV at such a low price. The good bit is that the latest Samsung model has been designed to produce surprisingly accurate colors that in turn enhance its overall picture quality.


The Samsung PN51E490B4F color levels are almost perfect. The TV comes with 3 picture modes & basic green-red tint slider as well as standard brightness, sharpness, contrast 7 saturation levels. You will have the Dynamic and Standard mode here but it’s the Movie mode which makes the screen present the colors with outstanding accuracy, rendering a solid picture experience for the viewers. You might feel its little weak in regards to shadow details, but the Samsung Plasma model still extends fine dark styles of uniforms. In case the color looks little oversaturated, the viewer would be able to adjust that to bring in the ideal level.

It’s a 3D capable 51” TV that comes with 720p resolution. The 3D part looks really good with pleasant depth and the Samsung model comes with a couple of 3D glasses for its viewers. The only weakness of the TV is that it cannot provide its users with online services. But you can always fix the problem by any game console, set-top box or 3D Blu-Ray device. The TV comes with a short & simple 6.7” remote.


All in all, it can be said that Samsung PN51E490B4F would be a smart buy given that you would hardly get any Plasma HDTV with such solid picture quality at such low price.

Filmeboo’s 10 Best Movies So Far – 2015

Here is a list of Top 10 Movies that the Filmeboo staff thinks are worth a watch in 2015. So, if you have not seen these movies yet, you better grab your coke and popcorn, because these movies will make you stay glued to your seats.

We were really looking forward to Batman v. Superman and Star Wars – The Force Awakens, but since these movies have been pushed further back in 2016-17, we have filled the gap with other best released movies of 2015. The year has given us some Oscar-worthy moments and Jaw-dropping plots, so you better scroll down and take a look at what we have in store for you.

1. Paddington

Released in January this year, the plot of this movie revolves around a young bear raised in the jungles of Peru. The bear is shipped to London, and he must attempt to find a family that will take care of him.


2. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Released on February 13, the movie’s plot revolves around a troubled UK Teen “Eggsy” (TaronEgerton, who is recruited into a secret operation of underground spy agency/ Eggsy must team up, and stop the wicked Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) from succeeding in his evil schemes to dominate the globe.


3. The DUFF

Released on February 20. A high school girl named Bianca (Mae Whitman) finds out that her fellow classmates think that she is The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend), so she recruits a delightful jock (Robbie Amell) to help her recuperate her appearance.


4. ‘71

Released on February 27, the movie’s plot revolves around a young British soldier (Jack O’Connell), who is stuck behind enemy lines after a military maneuver falls apart. He must race against his odds and survive a full night in a hostile Belfast locale, before a rescue team can reach him.


5. Cinderella

Released on March 13, Cinderella is a contemporary retake of Sir Kenneth Branagh, who attempts to give the classic fairy tale by adding a pinch of a twist to the story as the put-upon orphan (Lily James) coups over the wicked step-mother (Cate Blanchett).


6. It Follows

Released on March 27, the plot of this movie revolves around a beautiful teenager (Maika Monroe), who is constantly followed by a supernatural and deadly force after she had sex with her new boyfriend.


7. Ex Machina

Released on April 10, the movie’s plot revolves around an antisocial genius Nathan (Oscar Isaac), who believes that he has finally cracked the code on Artificial Intelligence. Nathan then invites a proficient programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) to come to his hideout and run tests on Ava (Alicia Vikander), his AI Creation.


8. Mad Max : Fury Road

Released on May 15. This movie is based in a burned-out post-apocalyptic desert, where Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy as Mad Max), must join hand with Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) to rescue the multiple brides of the merciless Immortan Joe (HughKeays Byrne)


9. Inside Out

Released on June 19, Pixar aims to take us inside the head of an 11-yo girl, where her dominant emotions like Joy, Sadness and Anger seem to control her everyday mood swings.


10. The Martian

Released in October 2, this is one of the best movies of 2015 already released. The plot revolves around Mark Whatney (Matt Demon), an astronaut who is left behind on Mars by his fellow astronauts who presumed that he died after a severe storm. Mark must use his wits and spirit to survive with a meager amount of supplies until a next rescue troop can bring him home.


These are the most voted movies of 2015. For more such best movies of 2015 already released please visit Filmeboo.com.

7 Best Places to Watch Free Movies Online

Listed below you will find a list of 7 best places to watch free movies online. You can even watch your favorite TV shows in some of these websites. Don’t forget to bookmark our website to be updated, as we will keep adding better sources as they are found. You can start watching free full movies online now in any of these most voted websites.

So, what are you waiting for – head over to any of these websites and start watching full movies online today!

1. Amazon.com

Topping the charts is of course the most voted online streaming portal Amazon.com. Though it is not completely free, the platform has a freemium model in which new users can register and watch movies for free for a month, followed by which it has some nominal charges. You can watch all your favorite TV Series and Movies here. Amazon has the largest collection of TV streaming content on the web.


2. Filmeboo.com

Following Amazon in a neck breaker is Filmeboo.com. The website has hands down the best collection of streaming movies and series. What really makes this platform stand out from the rest of the competition is the fact that it is updated daily. If you want to watch free movies online in 2015, then Filmeboo.com is your best bet.


3. SolarMovie

SolarMovie offers thousands of free movies and TV series in High-quality to its users. Whatever be your expectations from a free movie website, this website will never let you down. Users can watch full movies online at any time, without incurring any fees. The only one let down about this platform is that it has a lot of annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

4. Watch-Movies

A few years back, this movie website used to top the charts. Even though the website is updated very often users are not too happy with the quality of the recent uploads in the Movies and TV Series section. Nonetheless, the website is power-packed and has a good assortment of streaming media – Well worth a visit!


5. Movie4K

People call it the movie haven. It has any and every streaming movie that you can imagine. Not only does it have its own list, it also has a list of dozens of other movie streaming websites for each and every TV show listed on a page – And don’t forget to mark that it is completely free.

6. Project Free TV

Honestly, this website is a close tie with Movie 4K. The website has created in 2007 and even though it has changed its domain and host quite a few times, it is still holding strong against the other competitors. Visually, no changes have been made to the website in the last seven years. It has a dedicated Year-by-year section, which makes finding movies simple. You should bookmark this website if you are looking to watch free movies online in 2015, because they are updated quite often.

Best Movies Of 2014 TechnoPcArea

7. Los Movies

It is our personal favorite free online movies streaming websites. In terms of design, quality and quantity it can give quite a few websites a run for their money, but it is not as updated as the other websites. A go to place, if you want to watch old and evergreen movies online.