Top rated movie of the year

Movies form the staple of the entertainment industry. There have been movies right from the 16th century. Of course, in those days, they were nothing close to what people see today. Movies could be compared to sedatives that put people into a sleep, with different moving images in front of them. Everyone loves to remain entertained, after a whole day’s toil. It is this time that they love to come out of the reality and seek pleasure in a dream world. Movies revitalize them, energizing them to get back to the next day’s work. However, there are also flicks which are aimed at bringing about a change n the society.

When it is concerned to rate the top movie of 2011, it actually stands out to be a difficult task. His is because every movie is special in its own unique way. These could range from the story of the movie, its dialogues, the screenplay, the background score, or even the amount of money it has grossed, depending upon audience feedback. It is said that history repeats itself. If that is so, then what is wrong with movies? Older movies come back with newer versions, or sequels, which are much better than the first. People might love to look out for new stuffs in movies, but they can bet that there can be nothing as compared to classics, that pass the test of time.


Depending upon a number of parameters, movies are selected to be the top rated one of a certain year. However, instead of a handful people looking into the movies and marking them off as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the voting right could be given to public.